Christian women going to church alone: Beware of falling into an affair with a married Christian man in the church

GET-SAVED-MANOne of the things that I discussed as a married Christian woman who attends church primarily without her husband today over coffee with a couple of married Christian friends at Caribou — women whose husbands do attend church with them — are the instances when going to church without a mate can make you more vulnerable at times.

Of course, this is no excuse for getting involved with a married man, however, we are not ignorant of Satan’s devices, and it’s good to have a head’s up as to what can happen as a “spiritual solo” tromping off to church — just you and Jesus — every Sunday in and out.

I was just fine — or at least I thought I was — all strong in the Lord and saved for about 10 years when I joined a new church and eventually got involved in a ministry I loved. Eventually, the new church plant involved working closely with a man that I became attracted to, and he to me, and even though I am married, I found myself acting unlovely — and not exactly respecting the boundaries of marriage — neither mine nor his.

Thank God there was no sex or kissing, but I’m sure the emotional talk and un-Christ-like “laying of hands” or “innocent” hugs wasn’t all that pleasing to our Maker. It turned out kind of disastrous — okay, not nearly as bad as it could have, but needless to say, I’m not in that ministry any more, and he’s gone.

Again, praise God for that.

The Most High prevented a situation that couldn’t been truly bad.

In the wake of that experience, I learned that I needed to get alone with God a lot more, study the Word first thing in the morning, go for hour-long (plus, sometimes) prayer walks, pray in the Spirit of Christ in tongues and such, and let the Lord build me up in those places I was lacking so that prayerfully, a situation like that will never happen again.

Sure, going to church alone can be lonely at times…

…so we need to be on guard and guard our hearts against wicked schemes and put on that full armor to withstand the battle for our souls and lives and families.

It can seem so attractive — and it’s a slippery slope — when guys at church see us all seemingly alone and vulnerable like some unguarded gazelle, but trust me, those “innocent” whispers and plans to “be an example to an unsaved husband” and such can lead down a path that ends up so much different than you initially planned.

Pray to God in Jesus’ name that He will send other people around your husband that will encourage him to attend church — in the Lord’s time — and watch out for the wolf in sheep’s clothing (sometimes ourselves) that purport to do us a favor by getting close to our families.

Turns out I was so busy in ministry and not taking the time for God that I ended up in a bad place that Jesus had to snatch me out of before I killed myself.

And you don’t want the reputation that goes along with being a “hussy” at church. Plenty of women may be willing to forgive a wayward husband who blames all side glances on those “naughty” women trying to get him. But they may have daggers in their eyes for all the “strange” women they view as temptresses.

Thank God for not looking at us like that, and for setting crooked paths straight — and for forgiving us when we’ve repented of bad behavior.

Are you a woman going to church alone who’s faced temptation? Leave a comment, below, please!



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